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Accreditation Canada Diagnostics (formerly IQMH, Centre for Accreditation) welcomes the opportunity to investigate all complaints received in writing from an identified source, as they may contribute to opportunities for improvement. If you wish to formally express dissatisfaction with an aspect of our Accreditation services, please provide a detailed description below.

If you wish to appeal an accreditation decision (assessed non-conformance decision or suspension or withdrawal of accreditation) please use the “Accreditation Canada Diagnostics Accreditation Appeal Form”.

Only complaints that are received in writing or on this form, with the identification of the complainant are investigated. If this complaint is being filed on behalf of a laboratory, the complainant’s facility name, AC Diagnostics site number and the licence number (applicable only to mandatory Ontario clients) must be provided, in addition to the complainant’s contact information.

If you are writing to file a complaint regarding an accredited service, please ensure that you follow the facility’s complaint process first.



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